Words to Throw Around: Jacere

Unknown-2.jpegThe Latin root jacere (jok-eh-ray) can have one of two meanings: to lie or to throw. Here are some common words that use this Latin root. In the future, to identify if a word has this root, see if it contains ‘-eas-‘,’-jac-‘,’-ject-‘, or ‘-jet-.’

Adjacent- “Lying toward” (ad-, to/towards)
Eject– “To throw out” (e-, out/from)
Object– Translated as “to throw towards” (ob-, towards)
Project– “To throw forward” (pro-, forward)
Reject– Literally “to throw back” (re-, back/again)
Interject– Thought of as “to throw between” (inter-, between)
Adjective- “Thrown towards [a word]” (ad-, to/towards)
Abject– Think “thrown from” (ab-, away/from)
Deject– Can either be “thrown down” or “lying down” (de-, of/down)
Circum/interjacent- Literally “lying around” and “lying between” (circum-, around, inter-, between)

For further reading: NTC’s Dictionary of Latin and Greek Origins by Bob and Maxine Moore (1997)


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