If there is one thing I hate more than not having books, it is not being able to decide which one, out of a large selection, to read first. Fortunately, I am not alone, as many other troubled readers often suffer from this tragic, devastating phenomenon. Millions of readers out there are struggling to decide whether to read Dickens or Melville, but wait… some Steinbeck is sounding pretty good right now. Eventually, poor readers like me will have a large list, a list longer than Santa’s “Naughty or Nice” list, a list out of humane proportions. Abulidecidibiblism is a serious condition, but you can help today!


The feeling of anxiety one feels when trying to decide which book(s) to prioritize from a list.

This mouthful-of-a-word is a neologism I promptly made up, for I noticed other avid readers seemed to be experiencing the same dread. It is derived from the word “abulia,” meaning “inability to make decisions,” which derives itself from the prefix a-, meaning not and the Greek root –βουληση– (boulese), meaning will; the Latin verb decidere, meaning to decide; the Greek root –βιβλιον- (biblion), meaning book; and the suffix -ism, denoting a condition.


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